Airboats are one of the most versatile, safe and practical forms of transportation to navigate the rivers of Alaska

Alaska Airboats are built locally, and specifically for Alaskan waters. Whether the water is 2” deep or flood stage, creating large amounts of debris, we can go when and where others cannot.

For us, the shallower the water, the better. Swamps, gravel, or snow, we still go!

Are you ready to fish, hunt, or see areas others just dream about? We provide many options for safe, fun, and reliable transport services.

Our Airboats are Equipped with the Following:

Fully Enclosed Boat: Enjoy heat and stay dry on cooler days, with the option to remove the top on those long, warm and beautiful Alaskan summer days.

Reliable Chevy Engine: State of the art equipment, with your safety and comfort in mind.

Coast Guard Approved and Certified: Alaska provides unique terrain and situations; we are prepared for all of them.

Noise Reducing Counter Rotator:  This is a set of counter rotating props, which allows for a more quiet and enjoyable ride.

Wireless Communication Headsets:  Never miss a sighting because you can’t chat with the person next to you. These headsets allow us to talk while going down river discussing the beauties of Alaska, that perfect camping spot for hunting and fishing, or the moose that just walked out of the river ahead.