Hunting Transport

Because of Alaska’s large size and limited road system, most nonresident and many resident hunters hire some sort of transporter to get them to their chosen hunting area. This is especially true for moose, caribou, and black bear.

Please Note: Non-residents of the state of Alaska, by regulation, must use a guided service. Guided service is available.

Take the opportunity to get beyond the masses of hunters and get into populations of animals that are not pressured and skittish. Increase the odds of finding that trophy animal by avoiding those easily accessed and highly travelled tire and track trails.

We can transport up to 2500 total pounds of passengers and gear.

Our rates include: 4 passengers, 100 pounds of gear per person.

Any additional remaining cargo weight is an additional cost .50 cents per pound. Animal weight is not charged.

Our rate is $300 per hour: The average trip generally starts at $1200 and can go to $1800 or more if an extra trip is needed for retrieval of meat. In comparison, airboat transport is more cost effective and has the ability to carry more weight and passengers than most bush planes.